Although some of us like our hot beverages in giant mugs, a "cup of tea" is still defined as 5 to 6 ounces.  
Please use this as your measuring device when choosing your teapots.  An 8-Cup Teapot does not usually hold 64 ounces, probably more like 40-48 oz.

Floral Porcelain Teapots

Rose Tree Chintz Princess Teapot
Rose Tree Chintz
5-Cup Princess Teapot   $48.99
Sussex Rose Princess Teapot
Sussex Rose
5-Cup Princess Teapot   $48.99
White Rose Spray Princess Teapot
White Rose Spray 5-Cup Princess Teapot   $48.99
Summer Rose Princess Teapot
Summer Rose
5-Cup Princess Teapot   $48.99
Magnolia Heritage Princess Teapot
Magnolia Heritage
5-Cup Princess Teapot  $48.99
Hydrangea Princess Teapot
5-Cup Princess Teapot  $48.99
Hummingbird Princess Teapot
5-Cup Princess Teapot   $48.99
Blue Forget Me Not Princess Teapot
Blue Forget Me Not 5-Cup Princess Teapot   $48.99
Aurora Princess Teapot
5-Cup Princess Teapot   $48.99
Bouquet of Pansies Princess Teapot
Bouquet of Pansies 5-Cup Princess Teapot   $48.99

Additional Patterns
5-6 Cup Princess Teapot  $48.99

Our Ashley Teapots NOW have Gilded Edges!
(Not visible in photos)

Ashley Hummingbird Teapot
Ashley Teapot
Hummingbird  $49.99

Ashley Rose Tree Chintz Teapot
Ashley Teapot
Rose Tree Chintz  $49.99

Ashely Wayside Pansy Teapot
Ashley Teapot
Wayside Pansy (2)  $49.99
Ashley Sweet Pea
Ashley Teapot
Sweet Pea  $49.99
Ashley Blackberries Teapot
Ashley Teapot
Blackberries  $49.99
Ashley Teapots!  Available in all of our porcelain patterns!
$49.99 each

Olympia Rose Tall Teapot
Olympia Rose
6-Cup Tall Teapot $48.99
Pansy Bouquet Tall Teapot
Pansy Bouquet
6-Cup Tall Teapot $48.99
Pansy Tall Teapot
6-Cup Tall Teapot $48.99
Red Rose Tall Teapot
Red Rose
6-Cup Tall Teapot $48.99
Morning Glory Tall Teapot
Morning Glory
6-Cup Tall Teapot $48.99
Lily of the Valley Tall Teapot
Lily of the Valley
6-Cup Tall Teapot $48.99
Lilac Bouquet Tall Teapot
Lilac Bouquet
6-Cup Tall Teapot $48.99
Kiss of Fire Tall Teapot
Kiss of Fire
6-Cup Tall Teapot $48.99
Blue Forget Me Not Tall Teapot
Blue Forget Me Not 6-Cup Tall Teapot $48.99
Summer Rose Tall Teapot
Summer Rose
6-Cup Tall Teapot $48.99
Yellow Rose Tall Teapot
Yellow Rose
6-Cup Tall Teapot $48.99
Wisteria and Roses Tall Teapot
Wisteria and Roses 6-Cup Tall Teapot $48.99
Blackberries Tall Teapot
6-Cup Tall Teapot $48.99
Wayside Pansy Tall Teapot
Wayside Pansy
6-Cup Tall Teapot $48.99
Hummingbird Tall Teapot
6-Cup Tall Teapot $48.99
Additional Patterns
6-Cup Tall Teapot  $48.99

Saddlebrooke Porcelain Teapot
Porcelain Teapot  $39.99
Romantic Rose Teapot
Romantic Rose Teapot  $43.99

4-Cup Dahlia Teapot

Green Vintage Rose Teapot  $34.99
Morning Meadow Teapot
Morning Meadow Teapot  $29.99
Caroline's Wild Floral Teapot
Caroline's Wildfloral 4-cup Porcelain Teapot  $34.99

Butterfly Teapot  $36.99

Blue Vintage Rose Teapot  $34.99

Antique Gold Rose 3-Cup Teapot  $29.99

Berry Yard Teapot
4-Cup  $27.99

Precious Rose 26 oz Teapot $39.99

Majestic Meadow
32 oz Teapot

Wings of Grace 32 oz Teapot  $32.99

Bone China Teapots

Grace's Rose Teapot
6-Cup Grace's Rose 40 oz. Teapot  $43.99
Fine Bone China with Gold Trim
Pansy Teapot
6-Cup Pansy Teapot  $43.99
Fine Bone China with Gold Trim
Strawberry Peony Teapot
Strawberry Peony 5-Cup Teapot  $43.99
Fine Bone China with Gold Trim
Sandra's Rose Teapot
6-Cup Sandra's Rose 40 oz. Teapot  $43.99
Fine Bone China with Gold Trim

Red English Rose 5-Cup Teapot  $43.99

Violets Teapot
5-Cup Fine Bone China  $43.99

Pink English Rose 5-Cup Teapot  $43.99

Magnolia Teapot
4-Cup Fine Bone China  $43.99

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