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Roses and Teacups - Your Pathway to Beautiful Moments!

Welcome to Roses and Teacups!

What is a "beautiful moment"?

A beautiful moment can be many things:  The joy of giving the perfect gift, the satisfaction of offering an elegant table to guests, the delight of adding beautiful touches to your home, the sweetness of giving a tea party with elegant favors and china, the headiness of wearing new jewelry, the richness of beautifying everyday moments with quality products.

What do we sell?

We sell items that we consider beautiful and beautifully feminine.  Most of our products have tea and or roses as their theme and many have vintage or Victorian images and styles.

As much as possible, we sell items made in the USA by women and families in cottage industries and small businesses.

Pictured above:  Tea Cup Favors, Flavored Tea Spoons and Decorated Sugar Cubes, Gift Boxes Mugs and Tea Cups, Girls' Tea Sets in Wicker Baskets Discount Tea Cup Collection

Pictured to the side or below:  Envelope Sachets, Compact Mirrors, Tea Spoon and Tea Bag Favors, Bookmarks
About Roses and Teacups, LLC
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