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Scented Favors


Aren't these gorgeous!  These are our USA handcrafted glycerin soaps.

They come gift wrapped in trios of individually wrapped soaps.

The roses are INSIDE of the clear soap, so as the soap is used, the rose is still visible for quite awhile

This solves the problem we've had with soaps actually shaped like roses:  As soon as they're wet, the petals melt into mush!

We offer roses in pink, lavender and white, as well as tea cup and teapot soaps, red hat soaps, and pink ribbon soaps.

We can even personalize your soaps with stickers on the wrapping.

Find out more on our Soap Favors collection page!


You'll appreciate all the goes into our envelope sachets-and all that doesn't!  They are earth friendly and USA made.  Find out more on our Envelope Sachet collection page.

And if scented gifts are your thing, we also offer Soy Tea Cup Candles, Victorian Decor Sachets, and larger Gift Soaps