Tea Party Centerpieces and Centerpiece Ideas

Teapot with Flowers Centerpiece Tea Cup with Flowers Centerpiece Stacked Tea Cups Centerpiece 2

Floral Tea Party Centerpieces

Teapot with Flowers Centerpiece 2White Teapot with Flowers CenterpieceTea Cup with Flowers Centerpiece

Teapots and Tea Cups filled with flowers or greens will add charm to any table. You'll find page after page of Teapots and Tea Cups in our store ranging from Discount Teapots to English Teapots and Tea Cups to Themed Teapots, Uniquely shaped Porcelain Teapots and Silver Teapots!

Tea Party Centerpiece Fruit Bowls & Platters

Cherries Centerpiece Fruit Tower Centerpiece Grapes Centerpiece

Whether it's a simple Bowl of cherries, grapes on a Silver Platter or a fruit fantastia, using fruit as your tea party centerpiece lends eye appeal as well as taste appeal to your event! The rich colors and myriad shapes of fruit can add warmth to a winter table, coolness to a summer table, and freshness year round!

Be sure to have the proper Serving Utensils so that your guests can munch as they mingle! Grape shears, colored toothpicks, and serving spoons and forks can be part of the centerpiece with careful placement.

Your Special Colors
Colorful Glass Tea Cup
Tea Party Centerpieces
Glass Tea Cups Centerpiece

We think your guests will be tickled pink, or in this case, yellow, when you use our Glass Tea Cups and Saucers for your tea table centerpiece. Simply add water and food coloring to match your color scheme, then add greens and blossoms around the saucer. You can also float a blossom in the cups themselves!

Don't Forget the Toys!
Mini Tea Party Tea Party Centerpieces
Teddy Bear Tea Party Centerpiece

Guests of any age will be charmed to see a miniature tea party as the centerpiece of their tea party table! Use our Miniature Tea Sets and Doilies (as "table" toppers) on top of small boxes and set little dolls and bears round about! Adorable!

All They're Stacked up to Be!

Tea Party Centerpiece Sculptures

Stacked Tea Cups Centerpiece View 2 Stacked Tea Cups Centerpiece

Get out your clear glue dots and build to your heart's content! You can create all sorts of masterpieces using Tea Cups both right side up and upside down, saucers, desert plates, even spoons! Add flowers at the top in cups, or Petits Fours or candies on plates or saucers!

Pastel Floral Decorated Sugar Cubes Baby Shower Decorated Sugar Cubes

For a multi-level and multi-color centerpiece, add Decorative Sugar Cubes around the edge of each hat!

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