Victorian Stickers Floral, & Angel Stickers

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Stickers are so much fun and so clean and easy to use!  These little sticker books make sweet favors themselves, or use the stickers on your placecards, invitations, stationery, and handcrafted bookmarks.  Whether you are looking for Victorian stickers, angel stickers, floral stickers or Tea Time stickers, you'll find them all here at great prices!  We even have removable, reusable stickers!

Each sticker package in the table below contains two sticker sheets of die cut stickers, each approximately 3.75″x7.75″.

Stickers are acid free and perfect for card making, correspondence, scrap booking and paper crafts of all types.

Victorian Stickers Hearts and Valentines
Heart and Valentine Stickers  $3.99
Victorian Stickers Bunnies in Tea Cups
Bunnies in Tea Cups Stickers  $3.99
Victorian Stickers French China
French China Stickers $3.99
Victorian Stickers Floral Vases
Floral Vases Stickers  $3.99
Victorian Stickers Rose Wreath Girl
Rose Wreath Girl Stickers  $3.99
Pastel Dancers Stickers
Pastel Dancers Stickers  $3.99
Victorian Stickers French Vignette
French Vignette Stickers

Old Fashioned Halloween Stickers
Old Fashioned Halloween Stickers
Old Fashioned Thanksgiving Stickers
Old Fashioned Thanksgiving Stickers  $3.99
Victorian Stickers Bouquet Children
Bouquet Children Stickers  $3.99
Victorian Stickers Bluebirds and Blue Flowers
Bluebirds and Blue Flowers Stickers  $3.99
Victorian Stickers Yellow Rose
Yellow Rose Stickers  $3.99
Victorian Stickers Violets and Purple Flowers
Violets and Purple Flowers Stickers  $3.99
Fairy Alphabet Stickers
Fairy Alphabet Stickers  $3.99
Kaleidoscope Roses Stickers
Kaleidoscope Roses Stickers  $3.99
Mini Roses Scrapbook Stickers
Mini Roses Stickers  $3.99
Butterflies Butterfly Scrapbook Stickers
Butterfly Stickers  $3.99
Victorian Stickers Pansy Wreath
Pansy Wreath Stickers  $3.99
Victorian Stickers Rose Wreath
Rose Wreath Stickers  $3.99
Bouquets Scrapbook Stickers
Bouquets Stickers  $3.99
Victorian Scrapbook Stickers Flower Petal Ladies
Flower Petal Ladies Stickers  $3.99

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Small Sticker Books Flowers

Victorian and Old-Fashioned Stickers Small Old-Time Roses Stickers 
Old-Time Roses  $1.65
Victorian Flower Children Stickers
Old-Time Flower Children Stickers  $1.65
Victorian and Old-Fashioned Stickers Old-Time Mini Floral Stickers
Old-Time Mini Floral  $1.65
Victorian and Old-Fashioned Stickers Glitter Roses Stickers
Glitter Roses  $1.65
Victorian and Old-Fashioned Stickers Glitter Flowers Stickers
 Glitter Flowers  $1.65
Victorian and Old-Fashioned Stickers Redoute Roses Stickers
Redoute Rose  $1.65
Victorian and Old-Fashioned Stickers Glitter Floral Bouquet Stickers
Glitter Floral Bouquet  $1.65
Victorian and Old-Fashioned Stickers Shoes and Flowers Stickers
Old-Time Shoes & Flowers  $1.65
Victorian and Old-Fashioned Stickers Glitter Hearts and Flowers Stickers
 Glitter Hearts & Flowers  $1.65

Victorian Angel Stickers Small

Little Angels Victorian Stickers
Little Victorian Angels Stickers  $1.65

Mini Angels Victorian Angel Stickers
Old-Time Mini Victorian Angels Stickers  $1.65
Victorian Children Stickers
Victorian Children Stickers  $1.65
Cherubs Victorian Angels Angel Stickers 
Old-Time Cherubs Stickers  $1.65
Old-Time Angels Victorian Angel Stickers
 Old-Time Victorian Angels Stickers  $1.65

Victorian and Angel Stickers Large Booklets

Our large Victorian Sticker Books are filled with richly colored stickers for scrapbooking,  card making, and crafts of all sorts. 

Books are approximately 8 1/4 x 11 and contain from 40 to 96 stickers depending on sticker size.

Redoute Post Cards
6 Redoute Roses
Post Cards  $1.65
Victorian Shoes Stickers
Victorian Shoes Stickers 10/$1.99
Victorian Color Stickers
Victorian Color
Stickers  $5.95
Old Fashioned Babies Stickers
Old-Fashioned Victorian Babies
Stickers  $5.95
Old Fashioned Angels and Cherubs Stickers and Seals
Angels & Cherubs
Stickers and Seals  
Old Fashioned Children Stickers and Seals
Old-Fashioned Victorian Children
Stickers  $5.95
Alpine Flowers Stickers
Alpine Flowers
Stickers  $5.95
Victorian Floral Bouquet Stickers and Seals
Victorian Floral Bouquets
Stickers  $5.95
Victorian Roses Stickers
Victorian Roses Stickers  $5.95

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Paris Stamp Stickers

Peacock Stickers

Victorian Happy Birthday Angel Stickers

Butterfly Stamp Stickers

3-D Butterfly Stickers

Seasonal and Holiday
Seasonal and Holidays

Handbags Totes and Travel
Purses, Totes and Travel

Aprons, Hats, Victorian and Red Hat Attire
Victorian Hats, Shawls and Aprons

Jewelry and Ornaments Made from China
Broken China Jewelry

Christian Gifts and Favors
Christian Gifts and Favors

Tea Cozies & Teacup Totes
Tea Cozies and Tea Cup Carriers

Heirloom Baby Clothes
Heirloom Baby Dresses and Gowns

Home Decor
Romantic Home Decor

Tea Jewelry, Cameo Jewelry
Teapot Cameo Silver Spoon Jewelry

Ladies' Delights
Unique Gifts for Her

Linens and Lace
Linens and Lace

Pens Tea Cards & Tea Stationery
Victorian and Tea Stationery

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