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Who are we?

We are two women, Julie and Nancy.  We are wives, moms, businesswomen, friends.  We live in two different states and do almost all of our work together on the internet!

Julie is the business whiz with a business background; Nancy is the website designer with a background in music and counseling. (!?)  Julie handles all sales, shipping and billing.  Nancy handles advertising, marketing and website issues.  Both of us search for new products, handle customer service and network with other businesses.

2014 is our 9th year in business.  We are growing rapidly, learning frequently, working constantly, trying valiantly, improving hopefully, enjoying immensely.

What is a "beautiful moment"?

A beautiful moment can be many things:  The joy of giving the perfect gift, the satisfaction of offering an elegant table to guests, the delight of adding beautiful touches to your home, the sweetness of giving a tea party with elegant favors and china, the headiness of wearing new jewelry, the richness of beautifying everyday moments with quality products.  

What do we sell?

We sell items that we consider beautiful and beautifully feminine.  Most of our products have tea and or roses as their theme.  Many of our items have vintage or Victorian themes, although the products are new.

As much as possible, we sell items made in the USA by women and families in cottage industries and small businesses.  Many of our items are made partially or completely by hand.  A number of our items are custom made, one-of-a-kind or limited edition!

Imported items are from well-established, reputable companies.

Handcrafted Items:

We live in an instant world with high-tech speeds and mass production.  Most of us aren't used to waiting and don't like it!  

Where quality, custom design and handcrafting are concerned, however, instant is not "where it's at".

Some things just cannot be rushed!  Our artists and artisans create items of great quality and elegance, and we wouldn't want them to compromise in any way.

When you order items which involve customizing and handcrafting, please understand that there is time involved.

We pay our artisans up front, as they must purchase materials and set aside time for the work.

In these circumstances, there will be a time gap between your payment being received and your product shipping.  

This is normal when commissioning items from artists; please don't let this be a cause for concern.

Our Prices:

From the beginning of working together, we have both felt strongly that people should be well paid for their work.  

When we fall in love with an artist's items and want to offer them to our customers, we often have to compromise on what OUR profit will be.  We do NOT compromise on paying the artists what they are worth, and we do not wish to price our products out of the range of our customers.  

You may see similar items in other stores, but if the prices are substantially lower, they are probably not handmade, not USA made, not the same quality or not priced to the artisan's benefit.

By offering many different items (well over 8000!) we are able to create a business that has something in every price range for our customers, pays our suppliers what they are worth, and still pays the bills!

Be sure to also visit our Contact and FAQ pages to find out more about Roses and Teacups!


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From Nancy:

Welcome!  I love beautiful, feminine gifts both to give and to receive.

My mother left me a legacy of the joy of remembering special occasions with cards and thoughtful, beautifully wrapped gifts. 

In my relationships with women, gift giving to encourage and bless brings me a lot of joy. 

My father left me a legacy of treating people well and of running a business in a way that makes customers, colleagues, suppliers and employees all feel respected and valued.

I started Roses and Teacups in 2006 to share my love of gifts, and along the way I received the gift of Julie! Now we are Roses and Teacups, LLC operating out of both Illinois and Arkansas.

In addition to supporting cottage industries, we feature products from a number of small family owned and run businesses.

We are also authorized dealers for Heritage Lace, Royal Doulton/Royal Albert Teaware, the Romantic Victorian Home Collection and both Carol Wilson and Kimberly Shaw Stationeries.

We are always adding to our beautiful assortment of gifts, so visit us often!

We love beautiful things and the lift they give to our spirits!  

We are excited about sharing our "finds" with you!
We are also here to encourage giving and are pleased to offer you many ways to give.  Please visit our Gift Giving Programs page to find out more!

Hoping to add beauty to your life!  

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